Li Yu, Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine: Traditional Chinese Medicine Lianhua Qingwen Plays an Important Role in Fighting Against COVID-19


         COVID-19 epidemic continues worldwide.  Real-time statistics from the World Health Organization show that there are more than 180,000 confirmed cases worldwide, including more than 100,000 confirmed cases outside China. At a press conference held on March 17 by the joint defense and control mechanism of the State Council of China, the reporter asked: "It is reported that the Chinese expert team carried Chinese traditional medicine such as Lianhua Qingwen when assisting Italy and other countries. What is the current treatment situation of Chinese medicine for patients with COVID-19 abroad? ”

Li Yu, Director of the Department of Science and Technology of the State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine replied: "Chinese traditional medicine has played a very important role in the prevention and control of the epidemic in China.  Including what has just been mentioned, many Chinese traditional medicine have been incorporated into the 6th and 7th versions of the diagnosis and treatment plan issued by the state.  These Chinese traditional medicines have also played an important role in the prevention and control of the epidemic in China. We are very happy and willing to share China's experience with the international community. We are also willing to see Chinese traditional medicine play a more important role in the fight against the epidemic for the international community and the people of other countries.”

Lianhua Qingwen capsule/granule is a patented new drug for treating common cold and influenza, which is developed under the guidance of TCM collateral disease theory. It is the first new drug variety approved by the National Drug Administration's rapid drug approval channel during SARS. It is the only traditional Chinese medicine for treating influenza in China that has won the second prize of national scientific and technological progress. It is also the first traditional Chinese medicine for China to enter FDA clinical research in the United States to treat influenza.

In epidemic prevention and control, Lianhua Qingwen is widely used in medical institutions including Huoshenshan, Leishenshan and mobile hospital, with a total of over 70 million people using it. Clinical studies in epidemic areas have proved that it can effectively relieve symptoms such as fever, cough, expectoration and shortness of breath of confirmed patients and suspected patients, and shorten the fever time. It has been listed in the "Diagnosis and Treatment Plan for COVID-19 Infection" (Trial Version 4/5/6/7) of the China Health and Health Commission and recommended drugs in the diagnosis and treatment plans of COVID-19 of the Health and Health Commission of 20 provinces including Hubei, Beijing and Shanghai and the traditional Chinese medicine Administration.  As the most frequently recommended traditional Chinese medicine, the medical emergency safeguard materials listed by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology as the list of key safeguard materials for epidemic prevention and control have played a pivotal role in the prevention and control of the COVID-19 epidemic and have reflected the value of scientific and technological innovation of traditional Chinese medicine.

The curative effect of traditional Chinese medicine can only be recognized by the medical profession if it is proved by modern scientific research. The antiviral effect of Lianhua Qingwen has been confirmed by a large number of scientific researches.

At the epidemic prevention and control conference held by the Guangdong provincial government, Professor Yang Zifeng of the State Key Laboratory of Respiratory Diseases of Guangzhou Medical University, an academician team of Zhong Nanshan, said: "Lianhua Qingwen capsule (granule) showed significant cytopathic effect of inhibiting COVID-19 virus. It is known for all that the COVID-19 virus is not only a virus, but also causes a series of over-expression of inflammation. Therefore, people have also observed that Lianhua Qingwen capsule (granule) inhibits the over-expression of human common coronavirus (HCoV-229E), novel coronavirus (COVID-19) infected cells and induced inflammatory factors such as TNF-α, IL-6, CCL2/MCP-1 and CXCL-10/IP-10. This is consistent with clinical inflammatory factors. "This just proves that Lianhua Qingwen has the multi-target effect of inhibiting novel coronavirus and resisting inflammation.

Academician Zhong Nanshan, Academician Li Lanjuan and Academician Zhang Boli served as consultants. The "Traditional Chinese Medicine Lianhua Qing Wen Treatment novel coronavirus Prospective, Randomized, Controlled and Multicenter Clinical Study" jointly participated by more than 20 hospitals in 9 provinces of the country, including Wuhan University People's Hospital, Wuhan Jinyintan Hospital and Guangzhou Medical University First Affiliated Hospital, has made significant progress. The study included 284 COVID-19 patients who met the requirements. The results showed that the disappearance rate of main clinical symptoms increased by 9.1% when traditional Chinese medicine Lianhua Qingwen capsules/granules were applied on the basis of conventional treatment. The duration of clinical symptoms decreased by 3 days, and the disappearance time of fever, fatigue and cough symptoms decreased by 1 day, 3 days and 3 days respectively. CT improvement rate increased by 19.7%; The clinical cure rate increased by 12.7%, and the treatment group decreased by 50% compared with the control group, showing a good trend in reducing the proportion of severe cases. It is confirmed that the application of traditional Chinese medicine Lianhua Qingwen capsule/granule can improve the clinical symptoms such as fever, fatigue, cough and the like of the confirmed patients with COVID-19, obviously improve the CT characteristics of the lung, shorten the symptom duration and treatment time, improve the clinical cure rate, and is safe and effective for the patients with COVID-19.

101 suspected COVID-19 patients in Huarun Wugang General Hospital affiliated to Wuhan University of Science and Technology were treated with Lianhua Qingwen in combination with 63 patients in the treatment group and 38 patients in the control group. the research results showed that Lianhua Qingwen significantly improved the symptoms of fever, cough and fatigue, shortened the fever time by one day, relieved the symptoms of shortness of breath, alleviated the lung moist rales and reduced the proportion of severe cases.

On February 28, CCTV reporter interviewed Mu Mao, a member of the third batch of national emergency medical rescue team from Wuhan mobile hospital and Guizhou to support Hubei medical team, and talked about the communication with the WHO expert group. He said: "experts are particularly interested in whether the moblie hospitals have used traditional Chinese medicine to treat COVID-19 in combination with traditional Chinese medicine and western medicine.  I said that we are using traditional Chinese medicine Lianhua Qingwen capsule, which is also recommended in the diagnosis and treatment plan.”

Facing the global "pandemic", China is actively carrying out international cooperation to make traditional Chinese medicine go to the world and help the international community fight against COVID-19. Chinese medical experts have brought large quantities of medical supplies to Italy, Iraq and other countries. In an interview with reporters in Wuhan on March 13, Zhang Boli, member of the expert group of the Central Steering Group, academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering and president of Tianjin University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, said that among the drugs brought by Chinese medical personnel were traditional Chinese medicine Lianhua Qingwen and others. Current research has found that Lianhua Qingwen is effective in the treatment of mild and common COVID-19.

When invited to introduce the results and experience of China's fight against COVID-19 to the European Respiratory Society, Zhong Nanshan, head of the high-level expert group of the National Health and Safety Commission and academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, said, "Some traditional Chinese medicine has been tested at the cellular level in our P3 laboratory. Research has proved that traditional Chinese medicine has shown antiviral and anti-inflammatory effects. Here is the relevant data, using Lianhua Qingwen capsules (granules) can have less virus load. These can provide guidance to doctors who use traditional Chinese medicine.”

On March 10, Chinese Red Cross experts in Iran communicated with China. Iran hopes to combine China's traditional Chinese medicine with Iran's traditional medicine. Academician Tong Xiaolin, chief researcher of the Chinese Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine, said, "Lianhua Qingwen and Jinhua Qinggan are mainly used for fever patients and suspected patients. "Academician Wang Chen, president of the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences, further said," Lianhua Qingwen capsule has mint flavor, which makes people feel good and it is relatively acceptable.”

Lianhua Qingwen is widely used in epidemic prevention and control, helping the global epidemic prevention and control.

At present, the whole country and even the whole world are advocating to give full play to the characteristic advantages of traditional Chinese medicine in the anti-epidemic phase.  Promote the use of traditional Chinese medicine in diagnosis and treatment, and promote it in a timely manner. Lianhua Qingwen, a drug that won the Second Prize of the National Science and Technology Progress Award, should play an important role in its traditional Chinese medicine scientific and technological innovation achievements.

At present, Lianhua Qingwen capsules (granules) have been applied in more than 1600 hospitals in Hubei Province, including Wuhan mobile hospital.  Around 70 million people use Lianhua Qingwen throughout China.  In Hubei province, millions of people use it.  It is listed in the "Manual for Mobile Hospitals" (3rd Edition) traditional Chinese medicine recommended by the National Health and Safety Commission.

Since its listing, Lianhua Qingwen has been listed in the diagnosis and treatment plans or guidelines for infectious public health events such as influenza A, B, bird flu, Ebola, hemorrhagic fever and Middle East respiratory syndrome issued by the National Health and Health Commission and state administration of traditional chinese medicine more than 20 times.  It has become a representative traditional Chinese medicine to deal with public health incidents.

It is Yiling Pharmaceutical's responsibility and Lianhua Qingwen's mission to bring benefits to human health through industrialization of scientific and technological innovation. During the period of COVID-19, in response to the call of the state, in order to ensure the life, health and safety of the people and to give full play to the responsibilities and obligations of national enterprises, Yiling Pharmacy donated Lianhua Qingwen capsules (granules) worth 10.27 million yuan, 1.776 million yuan (120,000 boxes) and 1.48 million yuan (100,000 boxes) to the Red Cross of China in batches to support the prevention and control of the epidemic situation of COVID-19 in China, Iraq and Italy.

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