Blockchain Investment Institutions Are Surging Why Mixed Elements Is Better!


In 2021, blockchain venture capital investment market in the world keeps rebounding. Only in the first half year of 2021, the scale of investment has surpassed that in the whole year of 2020. Investment focus moves to the multiple fields in the blockchain investment sector. For DeFi, it keeps a rapid growing momentum with an increasing locked position value from $17.1billion to $76.5billion; for NFT, the increasing popularity of NFT makes a myriad of brands, companies and investment institutions be attractive to it; Coinbase(NASDAQ:COIN), a globally famous cryptocurrency exchange, is listed on the Nasdaq by DPO; Visa and PayPal both begin to offer cryptocurrency payment service...

Lots of investment institutions begin to participate in the blockchain investment. Based on the statistics, in the first half year of 2021, about 1,800 institutions have invested in the blockchain industry in the world. Investment institutions fall into three types. First is globally top capital platform, such as Goldman Sachs, JPMorgan, Standard, City Bank; second is tech titan, including Facebook, Google, Twitter and other tech companies; third is capital institution based on the cryptocurrency derivatives, such as a16z, Digital Currency Group, NGC Ventures, CMS Holdings, Coinbase, Alameda Research...            

Besides, Mixed Elements and other companies that lead blockchain technology development are rapidly investing in blockchain projects. Founded in 2020, since then, starting from $30 million initial investment capital, Mixed Elements has raised more than $400 million in more than a year, rapidly growing into an emerging blockchain technology investment company favored by capitals such as R3, IBM, JP Morgan. It is expected that a new round of fund raising plans with more than $600 million will be announced in the near future. Investment experts comment that as far as the potential in the future investment goes, it’s definitely a Mixed Elements, an emerging tech investment company, win.

New Investment Platforms vs Traditional Blockchain Institutions

Mixed Elements Preempts the New Infrastructure in Digital Economy

The reason Mixed Elements is attractive to capitals is that Mixed Elements insists their core development strategy and brand philosophy. Mixed Elements team believe that blockchain technology has the strong potential to change the world, and data will become the revolutionary productive force.

Because of this, Mixed Elements is going to be the pioneer of blockchain digital economy. Mixed Elements is building a promising world —— breaking the barrier between blockchain application and traditional commercial world —— that is, to build the "new infrastructure in digital economy " ecosystem.

Compared to most traditional global encryption investment institutions such as a16z, Digital Currency Group, lameda Research that hold the Investment strategies that focus on popular areas such as cryptocurrency, DeFi, derivatives, and NFT; Mixed Elements's investment is more comprehensive and more ambitious. Under the guidance of the development strategy of "digital economy new infrastructure", Mixed Elements starts the project investment in the whole field of blockchain and focuses on project investment in blockchain technology development and application scenarios, cryptocurrency, daily life and entertainment experience and other whole fields, and strive to finally achieve the future development of the "new infrastructure in digital economy ".

Quality Venture Capital Projects

Mixed Elements Leads Global Infrastructure Layout

Under the guidance, four major blockchain investment development concepts have been clarified, which is the most significant difference between Mixed Elements and a16z, Digital Currency Group, NGC Ventures and other investment institutions as far as the investment and project are concerned.

The first is "wide scale" project investment. DiDimessage focuses on blockchain technology development and application scenarios, cryptocurrency, life and entertainment experience and other projects in all fields, and works hard for the ultimate realization of the future development of the "new infrastructure of digital economy";

The second is "full cycle" investment. Even if the market is in a "cold winter", as long as it has potential, it will still actively invest in it;

The third is "full-process" entrepreneurial support. A top team of more than 300 people will provide blockchain entrepreneurial support in terms of capital, technology, marketing, etc.;

The fourth is the "globalized" layout. Focusing on the construction of a globalized digital economy, in addition to the Singapore headquarter, currently DiDimessage offices are set up in Korea, Vietnam, Indonesia, Australia, Hong Kong, Middle East to carry out globalization and localization work.

These investment concepts ensure that the investment philosophy of Mixed Elements and the brand strategy layout of insisting on the "new infrastructure of digital economy" can be steadily realized. Combined with the characteristics of the blockchain industry and projects, Mixed Elements explores high-quality projects to the greatest extent, and uses its own rich resources to help projects grow.

After its establishment in 2020, Mixed Elements starts its first phase of $120 million blockchain technology development fund. Afterwards, it has successively participated in the investment and technology development of blockchain projects of well-known enterprises such as Facebook, Twitter, DCG, FIL. It also lead the investment in many blockchain projects such as DiDi message, Polkadot, FIL, BZZ, CHIA, Easy2Quant. Working with world-renowned enterprises, Mixed Elements is able to quickly emerge in the development of blockchain technology.

In 2020, Mixed Elements invested $30 million to help launch the DiDimessage project. DiDimessage, as a one-stop service platform, has great potential to become an entry point to the blockchain world.

At the same time, under the layout of "new digital economy infrastructure", Mixed Elements is actively connecting with the blockchain technology entrepreneurial team to explore the layout of digital economy and social digital infrastructure such as "blockchain + industry, blockchain + finance and blockchain + public service" in the future.

Rich Commercial Resources

Help Mixed Elements Go Global

At the beginning, Mixed Elements sets up its headquarters in Singapore, a global financial center. With the help of the new superior financing environment and the open and inclusive blockchain development policy, Mixed Elements actively participates in the construction of global capital development channels. Mixed Elements's has set up its asset management offices in South Korea, Vietnam, Indonesia, Australia, Hong Kong, the Middle East and other countries and regions, gradually carrying out the construction of global financing channels.

At present, Mixed Elements is conducting negotiations with many top investment institutions, such as Morgan Stanley, Blackstone, Bain Capital, KKR, Oak Capital. Mixed Elements is inviting them to join the strategic camp of new digital economy infrastructure. It is looking forward to become a strategic partner of them and make joint efforts in order to improve blockchain technology research & development, digital currency trading and life scenario application.            

In the foreseeable future, with the data has gradually become the new energy of social and economic development, Mixed Elements, as a pioneer of the "digital economy new infrastructure", has the great potential of Mixed Elements in the blockchain world. Mixed Elements will drive the development of blockchain technology with capital, and strive to lead mankind into the digital economy world with promising development prospects.

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